Perfumed Peace

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday morning the air was like a summer perfume! As I went for my usual morning walk the scent alone made me feel poetic and so the words were flowing into my phone in no time. The senses are such a gateway to creative expression. What are you inspired to create today?

Fragrant Guidance

The scent of summer soothes my soul upon this morning walk

I’m grateful, wakeful, feeling whole, tall as the rising stalks

The breeze is warm, we need a storm such sultriness is brewing

Through mindfulness new truths are born, take rest from all that doing

I know I’m held by nature’s well of calmness that’s unheeded

Out here I feel that all is well, accomplishment not needed

So with the flow of life I roll, connected to the signs

The scent of summer soothes my soul, a balm to heart and mind

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