Please Yourself!

Peacock Poetry

As we grow older we can often get so wrapped up in our responsibilities that we can forget to allow ourselves to actually feel pleasure! We might even begin to see pleasure as a kind of childish luxury and deprive ourselves of it.

Pleasure is vital to our well-being. It lifts us up and ripples out from our being. When we connect to our own pleasure, we are magnetic and inspiring.

What would bring you pleasure today?


Pleasure can be sourced within

You do not have to wait

It’s inside us that joy begins

Love is our natural state

Pleasure is not frivolous

Not guilty and not wrong

To feel the thrill that lives in us

Is beautiful and strong

Pleasure’s not superfluous

Not selfish or reserved

It can new passions stir in us

It’s energy can serve

To want more of it is no sin

May with it…

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