Sunny Souls

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday would have been my incredible Dad’s 74th Birthday. Most years on since Dad’s passing I keep a low profile on Dad’s Birthday and go and spend the day creating. This year I felt like being more outward and so I spoke on a friend’s podcast and spent the rest of the day with another friend swimming at the lake. And I think Dad would have approved and was there too! He was with me from the start of the day in fact, when I wrote this poem.

Faithful Father

You beam out from the sleepy trees

Fresh faced and good intention

I’m bolstered by your energy

Your love and your attention

Perching like the blackbird flock

in silent observation

Your memories so much unlock

For you, pure adoration

The softness of the grazing sheep

The innocence of morning

Bring back a love that runs so deep

eternal and adorning

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