Stories of Heroes: Story Three

GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO. A group was taking a bus trip westbound along Interstate 70 towards Utah. They came to a hill when the bus started losing power. The engine went out. The driver was able to get the bus off the highway before it came to a complete stop. The driver tried to start the engine, but it did not start. Everyone on the bus was hopeless.

At a gas station in Grand Junction, a car with an elderly couple pulls up to get gas. The attendant comes out to them and said, “Hello. How are you today?”

The emergency phone rang. He said to the elderly couple, “I have a phone call. I’ll be back to help you.”

He went to answer the phone only to find that it was the red phone. He answered the phone to hear that a bus had broken down along Interstate 70. He immediately snuck into the secret compartment in the gas station, changed his clothes, and said, “This is a job for Repairman.”

He got into his tow truck and drove off. The elderly couple asked, “Who was that masked man?”

Repairman raced to the broken down bus in his tow truck. When he arrived, he got out of the tow truck and said, “I am here to save you.”

The bus driver said, “Repairman, I am glad that you are here. I thought that we would never be rescued.”

Repairman worked on the engine and got the bus running again. Repairman said, “The engine is now running.”

Everyone on the bus cheered for Repairman as he drove off in his tow truck. The bus driver drove the bus back onto the road to continue on his way. Another day was saved by Repairman.


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