The National Capital Trolley Museum, Colesville, Maryland

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

The year is 1953. You are on the street corner in Washington D.C. You are waiting and waiting and waiting until… it comes. The streetcar has arrived. You get aboard, pay the fare, and you walk back to your seat. The street car rolls down the tracks picking up and discharging passengers along the way. You arrive at your destination. You get up from your seat, and you exit the streetcar. You step onto the sidewalk, and you watch the streetcar as it rolls away out of sight. Those were the days of the streetcar on the streets of the Nation’s Capital.

Today, Washington D.C. is a city of many streets with many cars on them, but the streetcars are long gone. Very few people who grew up in Washington today have had the opportunity to experience the streetcars in the city. For those who were born after the era…

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