Easy does it!

Peacock Poetry

The hotter it is, the slower my body needs to go, and so the recent heatwave is a good chance to honour my body’s needs! My mind doesn’t always appreciate snail’s pace and yet when it relaxes into a more gentle rhythm it too is also soothed and appreciative! What is your body telling you at the moment?

Royally Slow

Slow down, yes you can time afford,

To rush achieves not much

Slow down, and you’ll attract towards

you, that’s the magic touch

Slow down, observe the rising sun

that glares between the clouds

The truth is; it’s already done

Just needs to be allowed

Slow down, when you have things to do

Slow down. when you feel pressed

Take time to see what’s passing through

Awareness knows what’s best

Bring your whole heart and soul on board

You must not do a thing

Slow down, yes you can time…

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