Smiley Vibes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Peacock Poetry

When we offer a genuine smile or compassionate words, we are giving far more than we could ever imagine. In doing so we create the connection and belonging that we are all searching for deep down. The seemingly little acts of kindness have way more impact than we think. Whose heart could you reach today?

Worthwhile Smiles

Can always offer out a smile and change somebodyโ€™s day

A small exchange, so worth the while, shows more than words can say

A face that beams, can mend the seams which have been life been frayed

An upturned mouth so much can mean, lights up the corners grey

Can always send a loving wish, a kiss, a hug, a blessing

Connect with loved ones that we miss, our care is worth confessing

Not far to go the extra mile, itโ€™s just a thought away

Can always offer out a smile and changeโ€ฆ

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