Stories of Heroes: Story One

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. A family was enjoying a simple evening at their home. The mother was cooking dinner when the fire people came. The family was terrified. The leader of the fire people said to the family, “The house is now surrounded by the fire people. We will now burn this house down. There is no escape now.”

The entire family feared for their lives.

Meantime, a call came to a man named Jim Stunks. He answered the phone saying, “Hello… what is that… I am on the way.”

Jim hung up the phone and said, “This is a job for Fireman.”

He got into his fireman outfit and into his fire truck and drove to the scene of the crime. He saw that the fire people were burning down the house with the family in it. Fireman got out and said, “Not so fast, fire people!”

The fire people looked and said, “It’s Fireman.”

“That’s right,” replied Fireman, “and I am here to put you out.”

The fire people fought against Fireman, but Fireman took his hose and said, “Here’s some water to cool you off.”

Fireman sprayed the fire people with the hose, and the fire people were being put out. Fireman kept spraying water until all the fire people were gone. The family came out and said, “Fireman, you’re our hero.”

Fireman saved the day.


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