The Conneaut Railroad Museum, Conneaut, Ohio

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Old Train Station, Conneaut, Ohio

The town of Conneaut in the U.S. state of Ohio is a small town on the shore of Lake Erie in the northeastern most part of the state.  Today, it is just a small town with a small lighthouse on Lake Erie, but it was once the site of a roundhouse for the Nickel Plate Road to service its steam locomotives.  When the era of the roundhouse died, the roundhouse in Conneaut, like many others, was demolished.  The town does have the privilege of having two main lines pass through town with railroad traffic running between Cleveland, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania.  The one thing that does remain is the old train depot.  With its brick and stone, it remains as the symbol of Conneaut’s railroad heritage.  Once a passenger depot for the New York Central System, it now is the home of the Conneaut Railroad…

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