A Touch Of His Hem ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

When I saw Him from a distance,
I ran and followed after Him
for, I believed all I needed . . .
was just a touch of His hem.

For years I’ve been scorned,
shunned by those around me
so I hid myself in the crowd
hoping my shame He wouldn’t see.

As He passed by I reached down,
and took from Him my cure . . .
for, I believed this man named Jesus
would heal me if my faith was pure.

He called me His daughter,
when my trust in Him I revealed
and from that very moment
from my disease I was healed.

He bid to me to go in good comfort,
saying my faith had made me whole
for, I believe as I touched His hem . . .
He imparted favor right into my soul.

There is a lesson to my story,
don’t be ashamed…

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