Miss Marble Eyes

Peacock Poetry

Our Nera (aka Neri Noodles) is a canny lass. She knows that it doesn’t take more than a beseeching glance from her big green eyes to make us do exactly as she wants, which generally involves giving her extra treats. And so, this morning’s poem is all about the lady herself!


Your marble eyes, they mesmerise

I’m yours hook, line and sinker

It does not take too many tries

for extra treats, smart thinker!

At breakfast when we ring the bell

Unlike your bro, you’re calmer

You know too well your feline spell

works every time, you charmer

Those pools of green, so much have seen

whilst posed on sofa’s corner

Wiley, playful and serene

Your sister though, you scorn her

One look from you so much defies

You are quite the endearer

Your marble eyes, they mesmerise

I’m yours, for sure dear Nera

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