A Love Letter From God ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Today I received,
from God a love letter
I opened up my Bible
here is what I read . . .

I am your Creator,
I formed and molded you
before you were born . . .
I knitted you together too.

I’m the remedy to your needs,
I am your soothing balm
I’m the peace in your storm
I am that voice in the calm.

I’m all the grace you need,
in Me there’s eternal life
I came so that I could bear
the burden of your strife.

I am your staff of comfort,
I will shield and protect you
through life’s complexities
together we’ll get through.

I am the anchor of your soul,
a safe place to run and hide
for I will never forsake you . . .
I’ll always be at your side.

I’m the lamp unto your way,
with my Word I will guide

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