Truly Amazing

Peacock Poetry

One of the biggest lessons that my inspiring Dad taught me was to have great reverence for life. Nothing brought this message home more powerfully than the day we went for a walk together by a local lake shortly before his passing.

Although painfully thin and extremely ill, on arriving at the lake Dad smiled and inhaled a deep breath, expressing his gratitude for fresh air. I will never forget his thankfulness and his humility and his great respect for the preciousness that is life. He was a truly amazing man.


Humility’s the knowing there is much I do not know

Humility is gratitude and going with the flow

Humility is bowing to my perfect imperfection

Humility is showing who I am, it’s true connection

Humility is doing what I can with love and grace

Humility’s great reverence for nature’s healing space

Humility is openness, the willingness to change

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