Graceful Growth

Peacock Poetry

The changing of important relationships can be really uncomfortable. It can be tempting to take things personally and to feel a kind or grief as we let go of how things always were and embrace (or not) how things are becoming. Fortunately, when we are able to invite acceptance in, then other doors begin to open. What or who are you letting go of at the moment?

Peaceful Knowing

Resistance to the distance

Just separates you more

There’s effort in persistence

Don’t force a closing door

Frustration, agitation

Though human, just don’t serve

It’s through our trust and patience

that come the learning curves

Within yourself assurance

Yes painful this might be

Surrender soothes endurance

What’s meant for you will be

Acceptance of the spacious

Release of the control

Bring come-backs far more gracious

Wise dignity unrolls

Relinquish your insistence

Take refuge in your shore

Resistance to the distance


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