The Lady

There was a boy named Bobby who was rolling in his wheelchair along a path that was next to a road.  As he was rolling along, three bullies walked up to him, and they stood in front of him.  The one bully grabbed Bobby’s wheelchair, and he shoved Bobby backwards.

            “How does it feel to be in a nice set of wheels?” asked the first bully.

            “Leave me alone,” said a very frightened Bobby.

            “Hey guys,” said the second bully.  “He tells us to leave him alone.”

            The first bully gave Bobby an evil look, and he said, “He better realize that nobody tells us what to do.”

            The second bully ran over to Bobby, and he shoved the wheelchair over.  Bobby fell hard onto the ground.  The third bully pushed the wheelchair away from where Bobby could reach it.  Bobby tried to use his arms to get away, but the three bullies started kicking him and beating him.

            “Let’s see how far you can walk before we knock you down again,” said the third bully.

They continued Bobby, and they shoved him around.  Bobby was completely helpless as there was no way that he could get away.

            Then there was the sound of a screeching stop.

            The bullies immediately stopped.  They looked over, and they saw an apple red Ferrari stopped on the road.  The driver’s door opened, and they watched as a bare foot came from out of the car to touch the pavement.  They continued to watch as a very beautiful lady with long blonde hair wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt get out of the car, and she walked over to them.

            “Whoa!” the three bullies said as they were stunned by her extreme beauty.

            The lady went over to where Bobby was lying on the ground.  She looked at Bobby.  She looked at the wheelchair.  She looked at Bobby again, and she asked him, “Is that your wheelchair.”

            Bobby looked at his wheelchair.  He looked back at the lady, and he said, “Yes, it is.”

            The lady looked at the three bullies who were just standing nearby looking at her.  She looked at Bobby, and she asked him, “How would you like to ride in my set of wheels?”

            Bobby smiled.

            In a very short moment, the three bullies stood next to an empty wheelchair and watched as Bobby rode away with the lady in her Ferrari……….in a new set of wheels.

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