The Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine, Pocahontas, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

The U.S. state of Virginia is known for many things. It is in Virginia where you will find the oldest town/city in the thirteen original colonies (Jamestown). It was the site of the first Thanksgiving (Charles City) predating the more famous one in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It has produced more U.S. Presidents than any other state, and it is the birthplace and home of the first president, George Washington, and the birthplace and home of the third president and the man who drafted the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. It is the home of the largest natural harbor in the world and the largest naval base in the world (Norfolk). It is the home of the world’s largest manmade star (Roanoke). The first major battle of the American Civil War was fought in this state and is the only site of two major battles of the war (Manassas). It was where…

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