Peacock Poetry

It is easier to love our nearest and dearest when they are acting in a way that meets our approval. Yet the real challenge is to love people when they are not being as we would like them to be. As I began to reflect upon this thought poetically I realised that my poem was taking a different turn and started to become a call towards loving our own selves in an unconditional way.

Love Anyway

Love, no matter what they say

Love twice as much, love anyway

It doesn’t serve to hold a grudge

Expand your heart, accept and budge!

Love with everything you’ve got

Love wholly, don’t blow cold and hot

Love all that’s there, although it’s hard

Embrace it all, do not discard

Love when others disappear

It’s all that counts, it’s why we’re here

For when we love ourselves like this

Then others too receive our…

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