The Great Feast of Valton

It was peaceful and tranquil in the Kingdom of Valton.  The people were happy.  Everyone got along.  There was no better place to be.

            Then word came of the Great Beast of Valton.

            Queen Anspa was sitting on her throne in the great chamber of the great palace.

            “Your majesty!  Your majesty!”  A messenger shouted as he rushed into the room.  “The Great Beast is approaching.”

            “Summon the guards.”  She rose from the throne.  “Get them in position immediately.”

            In a short moment, the great and valiant men of Valton were gathered at the walls of the Kingdom.  Armed with swords and fully armored, they were prepared to take on the beast.

            Then came the Great Beast of Valton.

            The Great Beast was much higher than the highest mountain.  He stomped with every step shaking everything as he approached the walls of the kingdom.  His skin was made of thick steel, and it had sharp still teeth.  It looked upon the kingdom, and many of the people were sore afraid of the beast as it stood high above them.

            The great and valiant men attacked the beast with all of their spears and arrows and catapults and swords… but to no avail.  They attacked with everything until… all of their weapons were used up.  The beast just stood there.

So came the Great Feast of Valton.

Queen Anspa watched as the Great Beast had his Great Feast, and then she saw that she was the last one in the kingdom.  The Great Beast stared hard into her eyes.  Queen Anspa was very beautiful, very lovely, and very delicious.

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