I’ll take it!

Peacock Poetry

We highly-sensitive beings can seem a little dramatic to less sentient souls! Speaking for myself here, I know that the way I describe my emotional experiences can seem off-the-scale to some folk and I am happy to own that! There are of course challenges to feeling everything on steroids but I’ll take them anytime in order to live my aliveness in this viscerally vibrant way!

Bountiful Beauty

May I be always moved by life, touched by the nascent rising

Connected to the world inside, heart wide to love’s horizons

May I be humbled by the tones of birds in tranquil places

By thankfulness may I be stirred, awake to spirit’s graces

May I be touched and show my awe, awake, alive, receptive

May I feel what is real and raw, take distance from the sceptics

Sense all there is and seize the day observe each sunset faded

Inspired in authentic…

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