I’m so excited 😆

Peacock Poetry

I must confess, I am a rather excitable human being! Sometimes I can fall into the trap of believing that the focus of my attention is the source. But it just ain’t true! Excitement lives inside of me in large doses and my enthusiasm can be directed as I so choose. And that’s exciting in itself! What excites you these days? 😜

Doesn’t take much

Excitement’s everywhere we go, it is not found in others

The more of it we choose to show, the more we can discover

When you forget lit up to get so much you are depriving

Yet when your appetite you whet, it’s then that you start thriving

Excitement is the spice of life, we bubble up, we’re shiny

It can be found in deeper dives and also moments tiny

Not everything is what we know, thrill seeking much uncovers

Excitement’s everywhere we go, it is…

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