Trixie on the Line

It was the start of my day. I arrived at the park to start up the steam locomotive of my miniature train, and I began the inspection round of the tracks looking for any problems or cracks. I rolled out of the station and continued on into the woods.  I arrived at the first bend, and after I made the turn, I squeezed on the brakes. Right before me was a lady with her long bright red hair wearing a bright white shirt and dark blue jeans with the bottoms rolled up slightly on her legs dancing barefoot on the tracks. She would step then twirl then step then twirl with her hair flying around.

“Excuse me, mam!” I called out. “You can’t be on the tracks.”

She appeared to pay no attention to my voice as she continued to dance around. I inched closer to her.


I pulled the whistle. She twirled around to wink at me.

“Mam, you cannot be on the tracks.”

She gracefully tiptoed closer.  “Me sorry,” she sulked. “I was just having fun.”

“Sorry to spoil your fun,” I said, “but these are live tracks, and the train will be running soon.”

She glanced around.  “I am far from home. Can you give me a ride on the train?”


“Please!” she injected. “I’ll be your friend forever.”

I gave it a thought. “There is only one seat. You will have to sit on the boiler.”

She stepped over, and she threw her leg over the boiler and sat on top of the cab laying her head on my chest and stretching out her bare feet towards the stack. I continued forward inspecting the track below.

“I have never ridden a train before.” She peeked up at me with a beautiful grin on her face. “I’ve always wanted to ride a train.”

She stretched out her left foot to feel the steam flow between her toes.

“Be careful.  It can burn you.”

But she paid me no mind as she stretched out her right foot over the smoke stack.  I wanted to say something, but she appeared to be caught up in the moment. I continued on with my inspection.

I slowly arrived at the station. She was still laying her head on my chest. I glanced at my watch, and. I sped up the train going back into the woods. I felt the strands of her hair smack up against my face as the winds blew. I glanced down to see her big and beautiful smile. When I arrived at the station a second time, I glanced again at my watch.

“Sorry,” I spoke as she was rubbing her head on my chest, “but the train ride is over. I have to get everything ready for the park to open which is in an hour.”

She peeked up at me. “Thank you for the ride.”

“Gladly,” I replied. “It was a pleasure riding with you.”

She stood up, and she stooped over to kiss me. “Maybe we can do it again tomorrow.”

“I will look for you.”

She started to step away.

“What is your name?” I asked her.

She whipped her head around. “Trixie. My name is Trixie.”

She turned at walked towards the park exit.

“Nice to meet you.” I said.

She turned and blew a kiss. From that moment, I saw bright days ahead.

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