Lord, Tell Us You Love Us

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Lord, tell us You love us,
to the earth’s end
remind us that You are
our eternal Friend.

Relay to us how Your love,
is deeper than the sea
remind us to stay grounded
until with You we be.

Convey to us that Your love,
spans the entire universe
remind us that Your power
in our lives You’ll disperse.

Express to us why Your love,
is higher than the sky
remind us to remain rooted
until the day we die.

Lord, tell us You love us,
until we are together . . .
remind that we will be
one day with You forever!


Ephesians 3:18-19

May be able to comprehend
with all saints what is the
breadth, and length, and depth,
and height;

And to know the love of Christ,
which passeth knowledge,
that ye might be filled with
all the fulness of God.

King James Version
Public Domain

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