He Is

Rum and Robots

A Tomb in Nazareth – Photo by @pisitheng via Unsplash – Poem by Joni Caggiano©

bullfrogs playing banjo strings in a scarlet sunset
water surging in veins of the rainforest in Borneo
dots that salsa around on the back of a newborn fawn
colors mingling on a palette, the firmament at dawn

fire rainbow made by ice crystals and bright sunlight
antelope canyon, shades reflect on the navajo sandstone
hanging pouches, mammatus clouds dangling in the sky
a spotless lamb loving us enough to be crucified and die

the smell of innocence resting on a newborn baby’s head
camouflaging, leafy sea dragons sway on the ocean’s floor
fledglings, leaving home, unsteadily flying, breaking ties
Jesus Christ, in tomb for three days, He did gloriously rise

Mammatus Clouds in the Nepal Himilayas – Photo by Anton Yankovyi via Wikipedia

Leafy Seadragon on Kangaroo Island – Photo by James Rosindell via Wikipedia

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