The Great Dragon

Hi Chong Chang was a great a mighty warrior.  He had heard the Princess Zi Zy Zin was captured by the Wong Hang People, and he rush to King Bang Gong.  The king was sitting on his throne when he arrived.

“Oh, great king,” Hi Chong Chang knelt before him.  “I hear of the capture of the princess by the Wong Hang People.  I seek to go and rescue the princess in your honor.”

“Are you sure?”  King Bang Gong asked the warrior.

Hi Chong Chang quickly drew his sword and held it to his face.  “I have taken on massive armies of valiant men and defeated them.”

“Alright,” said the king.

Hi Chong Chang quickly departed, and he made his journey.  Over hills and mountains and rivers, he arrived at the Pong Ping Palace.  The king’s guards arrived at the gate to greet him.

“What is your business,” asked the one guard.

“I come to rescue Princess Zi Zy Zin.”

The guards were silent.  Then they began to laugh.

“You think this is funny?”  Hi Chong Chang was furious.  “I will…”

The guards immediately put him in chains and dragged him before King Ding Fong.

“What is this piece of trash?”  The king asked.

“He says that he is here to rescue the princess,” the guard said.

“I will rescue the princess,” Hi Chong Chang shouted.

“Yeah,” said the king.  “I’ve heard this before.”

“I have taken on massive armies of…”

“Valiant men and defeated them.”  The king interrupted.  “I have heard this crap so many times.”

“But you have never faced me.”  Hi Chong Chang fiercely starred the king in his eyes.

“You are right,” said the king.  “I have never faced you before.  Therefore, and please notice why the therefore is there for, I will give you a great opportunity the save the princess.  In order to save the great princess, you must defeat the great dragon.  When you defeat the great dragon, you will save the princess.”

“I am not afraid of you dragon.”

“Take him to the great arena.”

The guards took Hi Chong Chang to the great arena.  He was set in the middle of the floor.  He looked around and saw thousands of people jeering at him.  He looked at the king who was sitting in his chamber.  He saw the princess next to him.  She was wearing shabby clothes with chains on her wrists and ankles, and there was a bruise on her right foot.

“Bring out the dragon,” shouted the king.

He looked at watched as to large doors opened.  The great dragon leaned his head out.  He beat his chest.  The great dragon took a big breath, and he breathed an extremely great fire through his nostrils and his mouth upon Hi Chong Chang.  The crowd was astonished… as they watched Hi Chong Chang… get cooked.

“Great,” said the princess.  “When is my father going to stop sending these idiots to save me?”

“All I know,” said the king, “is that was have another well-done warrior.”

Hi Chong Chang was remembered… as a warrior… who ended up liked the others.

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