Conscious Rising

Peacock Poetry

How we begin our day sets the tone for how we will experience it. When we choose how we start our day consciously and wisely we evoke positive energy which can really serve ourselves and others around us. Communing with nature is always how I kick my day off and it never fails to uplift.

First Thing

There is a time before the grime of busyness has tarnished

A time devoid of humankind where nature’s like fresh varnish

The humble trees make their decree towards the rising sun

Their branches tilted graciously towards the knowing One

There is a spell where all is well, the page is clear and open

A spell in which a wishing well of Joy waits to be spoken

A chance to dance with circumstance, to flirt with what’s arriving

Where movement is a happenstance of soul-enriching jiving

Will you permit a tiny bit of this…

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