Love and Joy 🤩

Peacock Poetry

I felt a very light and positive sense in the air yesterday and it put a spring in my step! As I headed up towards the forest I felt rejuvenated and ready to embrace the day ahead with hope and purpose. We can consciously choose what we wish to focus on and today I choose: Love and Joy!


There is a breath of cool fresh air available right now

Our pasts we do not have to wear, we’re changing anyhow

When we set free our right to be the way that feels most natural

We see our state shifts constantly, what’s powerful’s what’s actual!

Before my eyes the blossoms rise, they tell me tilt your petals

Our spirit wants us to surprise not to damp down and settle

When we are conscious and aware our true fulfillment beckons

Declares the breath of cool fresh air that calls to us…

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