Birthday Bonanza

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday was my Birthday and I started celebrated being 21 again by taking a walk. It turned out to be a very special one as there was snow and bright sunshine combined with Spring blossom en route. As the seasons merged I began to really appreciate a sense of everything and anything being possible.

Here’s a little video from my walk:

Fresh Fusion

Snow and blossom on the trail bring beauty and delight

Although the Spring had just set sail, there fell a bed of white

It’s minus one, the playful sun casts light profusely gentle

Inclusively my day’s begun, that’s not coincidental

The cheeps above excitable, as if the birds detected

that there’s a feeling likeable found in the unexpected

A cheekiness shakes up the stale, I’m dazzled by the sight

Of snow and blossom on my trail – such beauty and delight!

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