At Choice to Rejoice

Peacock Poetry

My routine has been really impacted by having lower back pain. I can’t go for my morning run for a start and this is very frustrating as I take so much energy from starting my day this way. Yet even with this challenge, I know and am grateful for the many aspects of life that are going well. What’s more I know that when I focus on the good things, the happier I am!

Up, up and Away

Focus on what’s going right, what’s working well of late

True miracles of love and light intentions can create

Dial in to what feels great, for joy’s a high vibration

Our thoughts impact our every state, fixate on your elation

Maximise the feelings high, excitement, glee and freedom

Allow them to intensify, then name them, love them, feed them!

Into life’s apple take a bite, and let your heart inflate

Focus on…

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