Right as Rain ☔️

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday I walked out in the morning rain and the atmosphere was fragrant and evocative. This time of year really is a bath for the senses and it is interesting just how much increased sensory awareness can boost creativity. Our senses are the gateway to pleasure and I am grateful to have very heightened perception when it comes to smell and hearing.


The morning rain can be the most delicious, healing thing

Now that the month of April’s close, I feel the hope of Spring

Each gentle spot of cool raindrop upon my bright umbrella

Smells sweeter than ripe apricots, it’s scent a storyteller

I’m tickled by the nourishment that beads of water send

The shower pure encouragement my inner thoughts to pen

It may fall mainly in the plain in Spain but here’s a different thing

The morning rain, I’ll say again’s a truly healing thing

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