Natural Appreciation

Peacock Poetry

Each time I go out for a walk in the morning I feel grateful. Appreciating each new day as a beautiful miracle seems easier when out in nature and this is my way of grounding. Whichever dramas might be playing out in our lives we can always choose to spend a bit of time outdoors and to get some perspective.


Make the most of what you’ve got declares this gentle dawn

You have today and that’s a lot, do not your blessings scorn

Celebrate each time you rise, let gratitude be uttered

Treat passing fortunes with surprise, know where your bread is buttered

Reap the lessons of the birds, their words transmit vibrations

Allow life’s message to be heard, those deep reverberations

Soon things back into place will slot, aliveness is what saves

Make the most of what you’ve got, be thankful, kind and brave

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