A Time To Let God ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

A time for patience,
and for some rest
a time to let God do . . .
what He knows is best.

A time for His Spirit,
to lead from above
a time to linger . . .
and abide in His love.

A time for endurance,
to run the good race
a time to stop running
and abound in His grace.

A time for calmness,
when composure is gone
a time to discover
how to be closer drawn.

A time to be quiet,
to sit and be still
a time to actively seek
what is God’s perfect will.

A time for silence,
of both mind and heart
a time for God only . . .
nothing keeping us apart.

A time to lie down,
in pastures green
a time to be protected
under His almighty wing.

A time to know and believe,
He’ll never leave or forsake
a time…

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