Seasonal Delights by Joni Caggiano

MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

An egg with painted face and a white cloth wrapped around it and surrounded by white flowers
Image Source: Snappa

whispering limbs sense a tender heart

releasing a chorale of euphonious notes

drifting, my soul floats, eyeing an array

of foliage in various stages of life’s hopes

saluting the old sweet gum tree, I linger

spring webworms laying their eggs under

fresh green leaves talking of such fatigue

laying a thousand eggs, it is no wonder

two wrens fly to their old nest, exploring

in happiness with friable legs, a fawn leaps

spring peepers play their high pitch song

black racers slither looking for juicy treats

ladybugs dress in red, balancing on a blade

of grass where fairy circles put teeth to save

angel voices from heaven I can softly hear

tulip gossip disappears as sleep I, too, crave


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