The Bone Stranger

He was a great legend.  He rode his horse, Red Flush, throughout the wild west.  Who is he?  He is… the Bone Stranger.

The Bone Stranger was riding into a town.  A young boy rode out to him.  “Don’t come here.  The Stinky Feet Boys are terrorizing the town.”

            The Bone Stranger rode into town, and he saw the Stinky Feet Boys robbing the bank.

            “Now here’s the deal.”  Willie of the Stinky Feet Boys said to the bank teller.  “You give us all of the money, or you will smell our stinky feet.”

            “Not so fast!”  The Bone Stranger burst into the bank with his guns drawn.

            “Come on,”  Bobby of the Stinky Feet Boys said.  “Why is it that every time we rob a bank, you are there to stop us?”

            “Because robbing bank is wrong,” said the Bone Stranger.  “Therefore, I must stop you from robbing the bank.”

            “You know what happened the last time you tried to stop us,” Willie said.

            “I remember very well,” said the Bone Stranger.

            “You asked for it,” said Willie.

            The Stinky Feet Boys yanked off their boots, but the Bone Stranger took out his gas mask.  The smell of their feet overcame the Stinky Feet Boys and knocked them out cold.  The Bone Stranger dragged them out of the bank and into the town jail.  He sealed the cell so that they were the only ones who smelled their feet.

            “Thank you for saving us,” said the sheriff.  “We finally got those Stinky Feet Boys.”

            “My pleasure,” said the Bone Stranger.

            The Bone Stranger hopped onto Red Flush, and he rode out of town.  A woman came to the sheriff and asked him, “Why do they call him the Bone Stranger?”

            “Oh, it was just some stupid name somebody game him,” said the sheriff.  “The name makes no sense at all.”

            The Bone Stranger rode off to another adventure.

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