I am Light ☀️

Peacock Poetry

One song that I think absolutely everybody should listen to is “I am Light” by India Arie. The lyrics are so touching any true and when all is said and done, we are light.

Dimming our own personal light does not make us or those around us happy in any way. Conversely, when we let our light shine we brighten up the world around us. How will you let your light shine today?


There’s room for all of us to shine

The light in each of us divine

It is our birthright to express

Our bright and natural loveliness

Go dazzle them, go radiate

The light that shine’s in you’s innate

It gives us hope, it lifts us higher

That sunshine in your eyes inspires

Allow it out, extend those rays

Be incandescence and amaze

When you exude that special gleam

Those near you have faith in their dreams

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