Smitty’s Letter XVI “Guard Duty”

Pacific Paratrooper

Guard Duty,

15 January 1945, all of the 11th Airborne Division was back on Bito Beach where they rested, re-organized, got re-equipped, re-trained and with a little time left over – they wrote letters home. Here starts Number 16 from Smitty….

Letter XVI Guard Duty 1/15/45

You have received many notes from me in the past that always seem to contain one line that went something like this, “Have to go on guard duty tonight ____.” Now in this letter I hope to be able to picture for you convincingly enough myfirstnight on guard duty. Please remember, all through this letter, that this place at the time was threatened at ALL times by the Japs and never for one moment were we allowed to forget it — especially at night.

My first trick on guard was postedfor the hours of 9 to 11pm with a four-hoursleep period…

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