Before our Eyes

Peacock Poetry

It was another beautifully sunny weekend and so needless to say I was out walking most of the time! On Saturday Android and I found a local trail which we had not yet discovered which turned out to be very cute and tranquil. Beauty is on our doorstep if we simply choose to look.


Sunglasses and merry shades of blue infuse the sky

We’re off out walking as we do, just you, our snacks and I

We are regaled with scenic trails, so much for the exploring

It puts the wind back in our sails, for walking’s never boring

Happy hues and Springs first clues encourage us towards them

Our focus we can always choose, high vibes may we onboard them

We’re not the items we accrue, embrace it, don’t ask why

Sunglasses and merriment enthuse the chirpy sky

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