“Where Shall I Flee?” by: Anne Clare

Pacific Paratrooper

“Where Shall I Flee?” by: Anne Clare

“Where Shall I Flee?”  by:  Anne Clare

One does not need to be a WWII buff or a lover of historical fiction to enjoy this accomplishment.  I recommend it to ALL!

Being as I normally read and report non-fiction, I was very impressed with Anne Clare’s realistic characterization and portrayal of WWII in Italy.  By showing the characters had their own faults and by not romanticizing war, she uses perpetual advancement to draw the reader ever further into their lives.

US Army on Anzio beachhead

Anne Clare is an avid history reader/researcher who asks, “What if?”  The end result is a suspenseful story that brings you into the sphere of action in Anzio and beyond, plus their own personal conflicts.

A nurse who isn’t quite sure why she’s there, to the soldiers of different backgrounds and how they connect – from combat, to…

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