Nourishing Nods

Peacock Poetry

We went for another beautiful walk this weekend which began in a village called Nods in the Jura region. It was sunny and not too cold and yet there was enough snow to make the atmosphere feel suitably wintery. Most of all though, we were struck by the serenity of this trail. I am so grateful for these experiences in nature which never fail to inspire me.

Pure Jura

This afternoon our alpine stroll was sunny-blue serene

Before us Jura mountains rolled, a soft and gentle scene

No noise or smog, just snowy logs and peaceful birds a cooing

Long gone the busyness and slog, fresh air is so renewing

We were entranced as beauty danced ‘tween light and silhouette

So much to drink in with each glance, my heart did pirouettes

It’s our in nature I feel whole and know what living means

This feeling emphasised tenfold there in…

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