Prime Time

Peacock Poetry

During my sponsored Poetrython I received useful and inspiring theme suggestions from friends. One friend gave me a few key words and asked me to write a poem about ageing and so I wrote this one which she was delighted with!

Ageing Gracefully

With age the layers fall away, there’s grace in what we’re shedding

With every single hair gone grey, much wisdom is embedding

What used to be a travesty can now be viewed with kindness

From wholeness life now we can see, without that youthful blindness

With age we’ve known all kinds of rage, the sage in us more present

Although the inner wars still wage, attachment to them lessens

We feel less need to perform deeds because that’s what’s expected

Authentic presence supersedes, from inside we’re connected

With age we realise who’s stayed with us and where our home is

We’ve worked out who we truly trust…

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