Heart Messages

Peacock Poetry

Some of my Dad’s favourite sayings came to mind at the weekend whilst doing my Poetrython. Every time I remember them I feel connected to the deep simplicity of his wisdom and feel reassured. This morning on rereading the poem that his sayings inspired, I am able to connect to a greater sense of calm in me.


Forgive, forget, let go and let peace have a chance, you told me

Be positive in your mindset, stay humble yet the bold me

Patience is a virtue love, have courage in your convictions

Keep your chin up, rise above, speak clearly, have good diction

These sayings present in my heart, so wisely they were used

Their loving message now into a part of me infused

Life’s here to live, go with the flow, take time to sing and dance!

Forgive, forget, let go you said and let peace have a chance!

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