Blue-Sky High ☀️

Peacock Poetry

We have had some joyfully sunny winter days this year and they are so good for the soul! As I walked to the train station on Tuesday I was filled with gratitude for the bright skies and hopeful atmosphere in the air and decided to express my chirpy mood through poetry!


There is a crispness in the air that causes me to linger

The sun’s bright gaze beyond compare, its light creeps through my fingers

Can’t beat the bite of clear cool light upon the skin’s top layer

There’s sparks of spirit-song in sight, alight like freedom’s prayers

I won’t skip past the joy that’s cast afar in lemon-blueberry

Be present, don’t need to go fast, awake’s the new way to be

Treat each new day as something rare, respect the beauty dawning

Flirt with the crispness in the air, there’s joie de vivre spawning

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