Fresh Start

Peacock Poetry

In the coming weeks being intentional about how I show up feels all the more important. I know that starting my morning by some meditation, movement and intention setting is a great way to set me up for the day ahead. When I ground my intention in with the breath it further deepens my connection to the energy that I am sourcing. What is your intention today?

Calling In

I’m tuning into what I need, I’m purposeful and present

Our focus – energetic seeds, there’s power in intention

I’m tapping in to what most serves, a grounded joy is growing

Awake to all the learning curves, there’s trusting and there’s knowing

I’m breathing in to dignity, I’m leaning in to being

Embracing opportunities, with my own self agreeing

With good thoughts our hearts we must feed and then for sure we’ll bloom

I’m tuning into what I need, I’m present…

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