Inner Confidant

Peacock Poetry

Whilst I was going through my coaching training six years ago now, we were guided through a lovely visualisation in which we met with our Leader Within, that wise, intuitive, loving part of us that knows what’s and wants what’s best for us. Our higher self. One day recently I found myself connecting to this part of me and wrote the following poem.

Love from your Leader Within

I grow when you have faith in me

I rise to the occasion

No need for public praising me

Your trust; my confirmation

I shine when you believe in me

My chest with pride starts swelling

There’s so much to achieve in me

Your choice in me is telling

I step it up, I raise the bar

I can go far, I know it

We are what we believe we are

Kindness to self, we owe it

It all starts with embracing…

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