Sunny Feelings

Peacock Poetry

Last Friday I had such a lovely start to my day. My friend and I had a chilly walk and a soulful conversation in a cosy cafe and I began the day feeling so grateful for our connection. Later on that afternoon I went out a walking in the frosty sunshine and the good feelings were everywhere around me, inviting me to write the following poem.

The Feels Deal

The sun exudes a breath of joy across the frosted fields

With loving thoughts my system toys, I love this bright times feel

The hazy blue above renews a sense of good things coming

The softened sky a welcomed muse its sound a peaceful humming

Forget the nags, the loaded bags that sometimes weigh your shoulders

Step out now in your soul’s glad rags, be grateful, free and bolder

Complacency is what destroys, its giving thanks that heals

I feel a…

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