The Big Nasty Sea Monster

It was a very quiet afternoon in a small beach town.  I was taking a little walk near the beach.  I looked out and saw Holly, a very beautiful red-haired lady wearing her flowery dress taking a leisurely walk along the beach.  I began to approach her, but in a quick flash, a big nasty sea monster jumped out at Holly, and he was about to eat her.  Holly screamed out in total chaotic fear.

            “What are you doing?” I arrived just in time as his mouth surrounded her.

            He glanced back.  “I am the big nasty sea monster.  I eat people.  She is a person.  Therefore, I am eating her.”

            Holly cried as he turned to eat her.

            “Now why do you want to eat a very nice beautiful lady like her?”  I asked the big nasty sea monster.

            He turned at me again.  “Why is it your business?”  He growled.  “I am eating her.”

            Holly was terrified as he quickly opened his month to swallow her.

            Later that night, the moon was shining on the beach.  Holly was sitting on a lawn chair next to a table drifting her toes through the sand.  I came out to her from a nearby grill carrying a very large plate.

            “Mmmmmm!  Smells good,” she glistened.  “What are the choices for tonight?”

            I set the plate down in from of her.  “We have many choices,” I said.  “We have Sea monster roast, sea monster a la king, sea monster dumplings, roast of sea monster, barbecue sea monster, southern fried sea monster, cream of sea monster soup and sea monster on a stick.”

            We ate well that night.  We reminisced about that sea monster.  He was big, he was hasty, he was bad, he was horrifying, and, most important of all, he was very delicious.

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