Be a mug ๐Ÿ˜†

Peacock Poetry

At the weekend Andy and I decided to go shopping for some new mugs. We thought that it was about time that we actually had a matching set especially for when visitors come! In the first shop we stumbled upon the mug featured in todayโ€™s post. We loved its simple message so much that we even drove to another shop so that we could have the full set and its message inspired me to write!

Mug Magic

Enjoy today, itโ€™s all weโ€™ve got, the message is quite clear

Itโ€™s who we are, not what weโ€™re not โ€“ our joy is found right here

Enjoy today, embrace the yes, make love with what is present

Give your all, assume the best, smile at the hints and lessons

Enjoy today, its subtleties, its strengths and all the colours

Look on with curiosity, without this life is duller

You sat there just asโ€ฆ

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