Exciting Biting! ☀️ ❄️

Peacock Poetry

After an early start yesterday I was grateful to be able to disconnect and go out for a bracing walk in the winter sunshine. It was invigorating and particularly so when I arrived at my favourite mini waterfall spot at the river. What an energy boost these couple of hours were!

River Shivers

The touch of frozen winter sun upon the river’s crown

can never fail my heart to stun, right here’s where fortune’s found

The fizz and pop that skim the top of forward charging motion

say “Bubble on and never stop, the world needs pure emotion”

There is a subtle inner thrill that comes through nature-bathing

May you be carried by the thrill, may you too feel amazing!

Although my limbs are getting numb a warmth shines all around

I’m touched by frozen winter sun and thankfulness abounds!

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