Consciously Connecting

Peacock Poetry

The relationships that we create can support us, uplift us and sustain us. At the heart of good relationships is clear communication. Sometimes we get this right and other times we get this wrong and learning how to express and respond to needs with love is half the battle.

Communication Stations

Communication is the key

Expressing wants and needs

The channels between you and me

by clarity are freed

We won’t agree so perfectly

on every single leg

But we let’s resolve things peacefully

when we to differ beg

Communication is the aim

We must clear our assumptions

What’s vulnerable it helps to name

All ears, no interruptions

Make boundaries known, request don’t moan

give loyalty, be spacious

Be not by differences be thrown

Be patient, kind and gracious

Communication sees the whole

It sees us both as one

When circumstances take their toll

if strong, helps things get done

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