Winter Wandering

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday we decided to travel to one of the few Swiss lakes that we had not yet visited. The Ägerisee, near to Zug, turned out to be a very atmospheric place especially in the snow and a good time was had by all. After our walk we found a cute Italian restaurant in the town and completed our outing with some delicious food. What more can you ask for?!

The Ägerisee Way

En route to the Ägerisee, there were some icy bends

We slid down slowly, our own way, relieved at the slope’s end

The snowploughs chased as we both traced the lake and snowflakes drifted

These outings are what my day make, felt instantly uplifted

The crunch of snow, the warming glow of lakeside Christmas lighting

The fog, the sunshine and the flow of joy with you, exciting

We journeyed back a different way, our hearts and bellies filled

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