Rum and Robots

My Sweet Family – Published With Her Permission – Poem by Joni 01/01/2022

fragile is a heart inside the chest of a child
birds and butterflies tread entwining gifts there too
soft young skin shivers as melancholy air covers him with blue

stitches of memories stretching out in hope
frozen between three snowflakes watching lady time
blue jays singing notes of love as church bells blissfully chime

aromatic petals on a golden stem, a fresh birth
words drift like honey from babes’ souls as they pray
colors soft like cotton candy spinning thankful for life this day

Dear community, I can’t thank all of you enough. My heart is grateful for the gifts you have shared with me—your talents, kindness, spiritual posts, and so much more. You have embraced me, and I feel special because of that. Amongst all the tragic events of this year, my family and this community…

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